Do I need to connect my wallet to launch an ERC-404 with 404Bakery?

A: Yes, in order to make your own token, either a new wallet must be created or an existing wallet must be connected to 404Bakery's Bot.

Is there any risk associated with connecting your wallet to 404Bakery?

A: Share your private key with the platform at your own risk. This is typical in Telegram bots (see Maestro, Banana, etc.), thus we won't access your cash (it's not in our interest). We also recommend creating a new wallet by clicking "Generate New Private Key" in the bot's settings and depositing only the amount needed to start a token.

Is the ERC-404 Creation Free?

The 404Bakery Telegram Bot is a free to use tool, as you can customize your token for free. When it comes to launching an ERC-404 Token, you won't be charged any fees if you're a token holder, otherwise you will be charged 0.5% of the pool.

How does the 404 Bakery make money?

We are constructing 404 Bakery to be a sustainable token, we developed several sources of income, we have the following revenue streams, out of Revenue Sharing for $BAKE holders and continue to develop:

  • 3/3 Buy and Sell Fees

  • 0.5% Tax on the initial ETH LP when users deploy their own coin.

Which Chains are supported on 404 Bakery?

For now, only Ethereum Mainnet is supported, but we have plans to add Base/Arbitrum soon.

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