🥐Introduction to 404 Bakery

What is Bakery 404?

Bakery404 is the first ERC-404 Factory; we made it simple and straightforward to generate your own ERC-404 token, which you can deploy on Ethereum Mainnet (coming shortly to Base and Arbitrum) in one to three minutes without requiring any developer expertise.

Too good to be true?

No, snag a croissant in the interim; the enchantment begins when you initiate a conversation with our intelligent Telegram bot, select a name, ticker, ERC-404 supply and much more.

Our native token, $BAKE, grants you an ownership stake in 404Bakery's success. We created $BAKE in order to profit directly from the success of our platform, thereby facilitating an entertaining and engaging experience.

Test our bot:

Our Bot is a free to use tool that you may test on Telegram.

How to use

Bakery 404 operates on Telegram platform, you may want to learn how to use our main tools: Monitor and Deployer bot, more to come soon.

🤖How to use Deploy Bot💻How to use ERC-404 Monitor


We created multiple sections explaining our plans to our token $BAKE.

💸Revenue Share🪙$BAKE Tokenomics

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