🤖How to use Deploy Bot

404 Bakery Deploy Bot is a Telegram bot that allows you to deploy your own ERC-404 token on the Ethereum Mainnet quickly and easily. Follow these step-by-step instructions to deploy your ERC-404 token using the bot:

Step 1: Start a Conversation with the Bot

Begin by starting a conversation with the 404 Bakery Deploy Bot on Telegram. You can find the bot by clicking on the following link: 404 Bakery Deploy Bot.

Step 2: Create a New Ethereum Wallet

If you don't already have an Ethereum wallet, you'll need to create one. The 404 Bakery Bot will automatically generate one wallet, and we recommend that you keep the private key.

Step 3: Fund the Wallet with at Least 0.3 ETH

Before deploying your ERC-404 token, make sure your Ethereum wallet is funded with at least 0.3 ETH to cover the deployment fees and ensure a successful deployment.

Step 4: Start the Deployment with /deploy

Once your wallet is funded, start the deployment process by typing /deploy in the conversation with the bot.

Step 5: Provide ERC-404 Token Details

Follow the prompts from the bot to provide the necessary details for your ERC-404 token deployment:

  • Type your ERC-404 Token Name.

  • Type your ERC-404 Token Ticker.

Step 6: Add Your IPFS and Website Link

Provide the IPFS link for your ERC-404 token metadata. Refer to the section explaining how to set up your own IPFS for guidance on generating the IPFS link. Additionally, provide a website link for your ERC-404 token if available.

pageCreating an IPFS

Step 7: Confirm Your Deployment

Review the details you've provided for your ERC-404 token deployment and confirm the deployment with the bot.

Step 8: Contract Deployment

Once confirmed, the bot will initiate the deployment process, and your ERC-404 token contract will be deployed on the Ethereum Mainnet.

Congratulations! You've successfully deployed your own ERC-404 token using the 404 Bakery Deploy Bot. You can now start using your token for various purposes, such as creating a community, launching a project, or incentivizing participation within your ecosystem. Step 8: Adding Liquidity and Starting Trading for Your ERC-404 Token

🌊pageAdding Liquidity for Your ERC-404 Token

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